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Our uniqueness lies in our ability to combine excellent ideas with economic understanding and consistent, high-quality implementation. We think differently. We think outside the box. We think further and beyond. But above all, we think relevant and for our customers.



Pixelschickeria are an outstanding team with vast experience. They consistently come up with innovative ideas, have a deep understanding of storytelling, and bring a unique perspective to the table. You'll definitely love working with them!

Sky Creative

What a journey! The #AMTC2022 is already history. Thanks so much to all suppliers. Especially our top agency Pixelschickeria. You are simply fantastic!

Christian Huber (Head of Digital Hub - Oerlikon AM Europe GmbH)

You are simply a very likeable and capable team! Thank you for your dedication!

Philip Schöttl (Technical manager - mbw)

Fantastic trailer, great and fast realisation!

Miriam D. (Senior Product Sales Manager - 71ENT / 7.1 Media Sales Partnerships)

Best sales presentation (@Triumph) ever!

Georgios Paparas (Head of WholeSale Europe & Head of Global Export - Triumph)


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